Create Polygon Tool in MapXtreme

Polyon tool used to draw the polygons directly on the map. To create this tool, do the same by creating a polyline tool or point tool. What distinguishes the class is used to create the object. If the polyline using the class 'MultiCurve' then the polygon using the class 'MultiPolygon'.

The steps are the same as making polyline, lives changed in part that serves to draw polyline in serializable class, to draw a polygon.
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1 Dim mp As New MultiPolygon MultiPolygon = (_peta.GetDisplayCoordSys (), _
2 CurveSegmentType.Linear, dPoints)
3 Dim As the New SimpleInterior SimpleInterior = (8, Drawing.Color.Blue, _
4 Drawing.Color.White, False)
5 Dim f As New Feature (mp, si)

For toolnya property, use the tool "PolygonSelectionTool", and change propertynya

The results are as follows:

This program is just the basics alone. For a more advanced tool, please be modified