MapInfo to Google Earth

MapInfo to Google Earth was much sought after by visitors who 'strayed' into this blog. Most of them by serch engines on posting tutorials direct to MapInfo or to Shapefile to KML. Finally I was trying to find a freeware tool that can convert MapInfo files to Google Earth Files (KML).
These tools MapInfo2Google named by its maker is capable of doing the conversion of one or more

layer objects visible in the windows folder on MapInfo to Google Earth KML file is. This program requires no setup, just download the file and then unzip in any directory. Download link at the bottom of this post. This program is Mapbasic executable (Mapinfo2Google.MBX) that can be executed via the 'Run Mapbasic' command in MapInfo or add the tools menu using the Tools Manager. Google Earth did not have to be installed on computers that use this Mapinfo2Google program.