China ready to launch the space shuttle

Launch of unmanned aircraft are part of China's space ambitions

China says it will launch an unmanned spacecraft on Tuesday (11/01) to be docked into a capsule that has been orbiting the Earth.

The rocket carrying the Shenzhou 8 will be launched Tuesday morning from the Gobi Desert and the capsule sealed with Tiangong 1.

Space capsule was launched late last September and has been in his position.

The launch of this unmanned aircraft in an effort to build a space station in 2020.

Shenzhou 8 will be launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Center in Gansu province at 05:58 local time.

Efforts to unite space capsule will also be carried out next year and one of them manned missions.

The move brings together these capsules occurred about 343 miles above Earth's surface, two days after launch.

The main runway
Astronaut, or taikonot in Chinese, has been trained for this mission, according to a spokesman of China's space program Ping Wu.

China plans to build and launch a space station at the end of this decade and do the mission confront capsule as part of this process.

Space station is one of China's ambitious plans.

"Technology is the bedrock of the capsule dock to the space station and exploration in space," said Zhou Jianping, designer of China's space program, as quoted by Xinhua news agency.

China's first manned space mission launched in 2003 and perform the way first in space three years ago.

"The new knowledge through space research will benefit the whole world," said Zhou.

The foreign observers invited to the launch Shenzou 8.

China led to a number of parties concerned in 2007 when destroying a defunct satellites by firing rockets into the satellite.