Regarding Disaster Exhibition at IDEC 2011

coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare and the National Disaster Management Agency in cooperation with PT Relatives Dyan Main Exhibition held Indonesia Disaster Preparedness, Response, Recovery Expo and Conference (IDEC) on 27 to 30 October 2011, at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta.

IDEC is part of a series of activities that support the national preparedness in disaster risk reduction, the theme of this event is "Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction (Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction)".

This activity is to provide important information regarding the understanding of disasters, such as what to do when a disaster occurs, measures to survive after the disaster, efforts to reduce casualties and losses, the detection potential for disaster, rescue disaster victims, return of the affected area to its original condition and use of resources more efficiently and effectively.

At this event there is a lot of talk show activities, such as Disaster Simulation, Aceh Disaster Prone Map, Fire Protection, Disaster Information Collection, Monitoring and Security System Inspection and Detection System.

In addition there are also many conversion activities and international workshops, such as the International Workshop on Project Multi-disciplinary Hazard Reduction from Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Indonesia, Disaster Management and Climate Change Conference, Internation Workshop on Disaster Risk Management and Integration Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Management Strategy .

Konverensi and workshop participants are the experts and observers also catastrophic both from within and abroad.

IDEC The exhibition was attended by over 100 participants consisting of government agencies, institutions and industry players are also the products of the disaster at home and abroad.

Through this exhibition IDEC is expected that all stakeholders associated with disaster, participate in improving the public's knowledge in disaster management.