Ocean Engineering released a demo version of GIS software to perform geospatial data visualization platform 3D/4D data including imagery, terrain, elevation, lidar, and volumetric flow data called Makai Voyager. This software can be run on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux.

Unlike other GIS software, Voyager was built specifically for geospatial data visualization and analysis of highly complex three-dimensional, but still setting in GIS projections. One of them is the ability to process and visualize LIDAR data that has a number of 3D points to near the billions.

Voyager supports 18 GIS format. Geospatial data that would be visualized in 3D using the Voyager must first convert to the format *. Savoy except GeoTiff and Web Map Service. Users can divide the 3D/4D data visualization in the format *. The Savoy to other users using the free Makai Voyager Viewer.

You can go to the gallery pages are available to see Voyager's ability to process imagery data, GIS data, and volumetric flow data in a platform both in 3D (x, y, z) or 4D (3D, units of time). You can also download the sample scene data to be displayed in Voyager on this page. Here is a video showing Voyager's ability to visualize LIDAR data.