The first post in August 2009, I want to show you how to download maps from Google Maps using the Firefox browser.

The map obtained can be very wide coverage area. The whole map of the city of Bandung on Google Maps can be downloaded with a single process! Step by step I make the download process in a mini-tutorial ebook format with 8-page PDF that you can get for free.
The word "download" is probably not the right word for this process. The word "capture" or record the Firefox browser screen display may be more appropriate, because it did capture the actual process maps from Google Maps. For that title ebooknya Record Map from Google Maps and not Download Maps from Google Maps. Why must use the Firefox browser? Since there's an add on for Firefox that has the ability to record the whole page in the browser screen. With this add on you can record the entire look of your favorite websites from the header to the footer as well. Add on is named Screengrab which can be obtained at this link.

The core of the work process download maps from Google Maps this is the time to customize the size of the map that you want to paste the web page. How, on Google Maps click on sponsored links at the top right map view, then click on "Customize and preview embedded map". In the open window that you can customize the size of the map you want to display, to later retrieve (copy) the script that is at the very bottom of the window. The script is then saved as a html file, that can be opened with the Firefox browser. Then by using the Screengrab, save the map as a PNG or JPG file. More please download ebooknya through the link provided at the end of this post.