Google Person Finder: Google Search Missing Persons Service

Along with the development of technology, many benefits that we can feel. The technology can be used for various purposes, mainly to help our activities in the midst of busy work and social life of our day-to-day. There are also services that can help us in various ways, for example, is Google's Person Finder to find the person we're looking for.

As we have seen, some time ago there was a massive earthquake that shocked Turkey. Reportedly there are a lot of casualties and wounded, and missing a lot of people who until now still sought. Search is performed either manually or by means of appropriate technology, it's Google's turn to Google's Person Finder service that we can use for free.

Google Person Finder service is a form of caring Google to help us find the person we're looking through the information available. How to use it is to open the Google site in Person Finder. because while this is happening earthquake in Turkey, then the option is available only Turkey region.

Then we click on the turkey-2011, the next step will be appear like this:

If we want to find people who we have not discovered, we can click the words "I'm looking for someone" in the green column. Then will appear the next step, namely the search for people by name.

Then we can enter the name of the person being we want to find. For example is "Alex", we type the word "Alex" and then click "Search for this person".

Based on the search for the name "Alex" is available 1 data, that someone named "Alex Lilly (Alexandra)" yag reported missing. Then we can see the full data by logging in and accessing the data, just click its name is.
The result is a specification of a complete data about the person named Alex. It turns out that Alex's full name is Alex Lilly (Alexandra) is a 20-22 year old girl with short hair with a British accent. The girl was reported missing and being sought by a man named Alexander Whitlock who may have relatives or friends with a girl. Hopefully they can find it and we hope the person they were looking for can be met.

That is a free service provided by Google to help us. Thank you Google, hopefully a lot of people who can reunite with their families thanks to this Google Person Finder.