Simoncelli HELMET USED

"I express my sympathy to the family. We will show us any respect to him (Simoncelli), "said race director Paul Butler. He added will soon be seeking answers to melangkapi report medical team.
Meanwhile, analysts questioned the motorsport just about helmet safety standards that are used Simoncelli. The public is also asked why the class brands AGV helmet worn Italian rider was easily detached.
Motorsport circulating among analysts claim that the hair thick and curly Simoncelli has led to the contour of the inside of the helmet was not optimal. Ergonomic side of a helmet should be maximum if the rider's hair thin.
Another question that also can not be answered AGV is about the extent to which the function applies maximum strap on a helmet Simoncelli. It is very difficult to guess that the straps cut off just like that. Moreover, the material for making rope helmets are generally very strong.
Alleged large hook helmet straps apart due to the hard earned genturan Simoncelli. This resulted in the risk of fatal for 24-year-old penalap. Even so, this revelation has not been proven.
According to reports Macchiagodena, Simoncelli has experienced great trauma in the palm, in the neck, and chest. "He has received a hard blow when the race."
He added that the medical side has to give CPR in the ambulance service to save lives Simoncelli. But after 45 minutes at the medical center, Simoncelli's life ended up going.
AGV Helmets Simoncelli

Simoncelli known to have received sponsorship from manufacturers of brand AGV helmet for MotorGP. Italian manufacturers also provide a special helmet from the base model of the Ti-Tech Evolution.
As widely used MotoGP rider, helmets specially designed for Simoncelli so as to adjust the contour of her head. The entire helmet is worn rider MotorGP, including those used Simoncelli, also approved authority FIM motor racing world.
Indeed, no helmets for motorcycle riders as strong as that worn by MotoGP. Especially for Simoncelli, for example, the AGV has designed with high technology uses a special cell tissue SSL (Super-Super-Light).
Materials are sourced from carbon kevlar construction is lightweight and is known to have high strength. Meanwhile, the inside of the helmet (padding) is also specially formulated with the network fabric cool wax and neckroll. Even the strap hook systems come with special designed XQRS Shield Mechanism (Extra Quick Release System).
To note, a replica AGV GP Tech heln very similar to the proprietary Simoncelli sold quite expensive, which is about USD 6.5 million