MEMBANGUAN geodatabase in ArcGIS 10

Mini tutorial ArcGIS is a continuation of my previous post about the introduction geodatabase. In this post made by Irwan, ST as a guest writer on this shown how to build a geodatabase in ArcGIS 10.

Here are the stages of building a geodatabase in ArcGIS 10:
Creating a Geodatabase.
Open ArcCatalog and then on the right-click on the folder that we specify and select New-> File Geodatabase or Personal Database.

It will show the New File Geodatabase.

Rename the appropriate geodatabase name you want. In this tutorial I geodatabase named with the name of Ternate, because I will try to create a geodatabase for the island of Ternate.

The next step makes the geodatabase feature datasets that have been made previously (Ternate.gdb) right click -> New -> Feature Dataset. Fill in the name of the feature dataset and specify the coordinate system.

For the Z coordinate system, select None unless you want to create a 3D map with the geodatabase, while the default XY tolerance for it.

After the feature dataset is completed, then began making feature class in the form of point, polyline, and polygon. Right-click on the Feature Dataset -> New -> Feature Class.

Fill in the name and alias and select the type of feature (point, polyline or polygon). If the output maps or data that you want a 3D map and route or you will analyze the use of network analysis, then check the values ​​M and Z values ​​as in the figure indicated by a red box above.

To create a feature class to another, do the stages as shown above. In the same way as digitized on a shapefile. Click Editor -> Start Editing, you can start the digitization as an example the figure below.

Imported into a Geodatabase feature class
In addition to making feature classes You can also import a shapefile feature class either, or other tables into the geodatabase.

I demonstrated making a new geodatabase with the name "Infrastruktur.gdb" and add the data to be imported.
I accidentally create a new geodatabase to show whether the geodatabase feature dataset can have if the data that we manage a little and does not require grouping of population data.

In the geodatabase (infrastruktur.gdb) right click -> Import -> Feature Class Multiple (if the data you want to import more than one).
Click open the data and select the data you want to import into the geodatabase and then click OK and wait for the process is complete.