Find the Pyramids, Tim Archaeologists Find Prehistoric Pottery in Mount Padang

Jakarta Excavation Site search pyramids on Mount Padang, Cianjur begins. Archaeologists have found traces of the relics at the site. The team found pottery and pottery from the prehistoric period.

"It's getting there and earthenware pottery. If prehistoric forms. This item has been saved," said Archaeologist Team Leader, Ali Akbar while talking on Thursday (5/17/2012).

Site Location Mount Padang formerly believed to be a pyramid. Archaeologists call it a pyramid punden terraces. Thus, the pyramid is different from the pyramid as in Egypt. In this area, it is believed that the hill piled with boulders.

"The mention of punden staircase," he explained.

Site of Mount Padang, has been known to pile rocks large square stones of various sizes these rocks can produce tones. For the time being related to the excavation, these stones were moved there.

"Will there be excavation, will open the layers. Hopefully there will be more interesting findings," he said.

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