Sar pieces of bodies found in the bodies of the Russian piece guess and SAR will Flakes Hand Control Lever Sukhoi Alleged to NTSC

Jakarta Flakes Sukhoi Superjet 100 is found two days ago on Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java, allegedly controlling lever aircraft. SAR team will be handed to the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC).

It is said the evacuation coordinator of Basarnas Ketut Purwa Sukhoi, which pick up the pieces of the plane of the Police Hospital morgue Sukanto, Kramatjati, East Jakarta, Wednesday (05/30/2012).

Ketut seemed to bring an old cardboard wrapped in paper HVS transparent yellow plastic bag. Looks bumps iron from the box.

"Do not know exactly, like the components of the aircraft, but it looks like the airplane pilot stick," said Ketut it when asked.

Ketut suspect many more pieces of the plane on Mount Salak. Ketut said Basarnas still lose the team to look for the Flight Data Recorder (FDR).

"We're looking for FDR but not much as before, only a few people Basarnas, Paskhas and NTSC," said Ketut.

Ketut added, there were about 8 people from seeking Basarnas FDR. Cardboard boxes and brought it out, will be submitted to the office for the central Basarnas then handed over to NTSC.

"It will be submitted to the Basarnas, just submitted to the NTSC," he said.

Gunung Salak Closed

On this occasion, Ketut also explains Mount Salak is still closed to the general public that FDR sterile because the search process is performed.

"To be more sterile and focus. Scared of people finding something she thought was important but not essential. That request until the invention of FDR NTSC I guess there is no time limit. Member until recently I was still in embryo Command Post (Cipelang)," said Ketut.
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