Location Sukhoi Still Mysterious Black Box, Search Area Expanded

Evacuation teams were still moving on the slopes of Mount Salak. Teams looking for dead bodies Sukhoi, also black box. Since its inception, the evacuation team had been given instructions on how to form the black box.

"We're new to the area. In his steep, lots of bush. We comb, but because the tail was destroyed, it is estimated that mental black box," explained the head of the evacuation team of Marines, Lieutenant Colonel Junianto Oni as confirmed on Tuesday (5/15/2012) .

Remaining debris was found Sukhoi tail. The section was destroyed in the small fragments. Expected, a small black box with orange and store the data in the area of ​​150-200 meters mental.

"That analysis only. Black box that's powerful and small so it's possible to bounce, so probably around that area," he said.

Besides black box, the team is still preparing evacuation jenzah bag. Search the bodies and the black box carried out hand in hand. "So nothing is a priority," said Oni is still on Mount Salak this.

source : www.detik.com