The two key words rather just posted to probe further the idea of ​​disaster management which is run in one district in the western part of a province in Sumatra Island's famous coffee. There is a fact that intrigued me when splitting the hills there. There is a tremendous project to secure the hills there, aka miscarriage of landslide disaster area. The hills there made "tie legs".
Tie the legs is a term that I chose. Let's look at the photos I got on the field. If we assume a hill as a private figure like a man then of course there is the position of the belt in a belt worth mentioning. The belt is better suited for so-called connective feet foot binding function. And what is interesting to ditelisik? The answer is the idea of ​​making the leg tie.
Some years we get education about land erosion through many media. Erosion-landslide that occurred in Indonesia land move stakeholders with an interest in the world to deliver something for the sake of common security. And of course the intended target. So I was confident to invite readers to review the discussion this time without in-depth intro.
There is an important factor triggering the occurrence of land slides that seemed neglected in disaster mitigation project nesting. Trigger landslides in the form of land not only deforestation in the hinterland. In fact, if we are careful even then we may be widened. For, though dense forest area will not guarantee free land slides. Forest entity has an actual mass at a certain point of climax would be a burden to sustain yag land. Last factor is what I mean? Factor is the area of ​​slip!
It is not true assumption that the layer of soil or rock that make up the Earth's surface is located on flat water as well as parallel stacked. I describe these Kekurangpemahaman Juka will look like this.

We need to recall that there are two workers who work on the earth's surface. Tersebutlah forces that shape Earth's surface configuration. The result is the formation of hills, valleys, and so forth. The labor force is generally specified as endogenous and exogenous. So we must always realize that the layers of soil and rock is very diverse. Variety is related to the position, direction, combination, and slope.
An understanding of variations in the configuration of the earth's surface layer should lead us to an issue critical to the land. The field is a field that limits the sliding element 2 layers of different characters. Eg soil layer above the layer of volcanic rock is hard and slippery. The field of slip becomes important to observe because it's a case of conditions (different characters) ketidakkompakan impact on these elements. If compactness is not guaranteed then keterceraiberaian just a matter of time. In the volcanic soil and rock samples, increasing the risk of land slides in the event of heavy rain so the water soak into the ground until contact with volcanic rocks that nature is hard and slippery. At the time it accumulates, the water will seep-water collects in the rocks so as to make ground contact to be similar to the slippery clay. When the gravity of the soil mass is no longer tolerated by the frictional forces between the soil and rock layers of the soil then it will automatically slide. There was erosion of land.
Tie legs Has built in the district beyond these considerations? For high-alias width is not specifically tied his legs if need be assigned to secure areas of slip earlier. The first time I saw my tie is straight leg believes that these efforts will contribute to satisfy the no anticipation about the disaster. My belief is immediately evident on the spot. In another point of land landslide buried up to tie the legs and at other points developed a model that looks more like leg tie belt. Perhaps the intangible belt pile of stone cliffs were developed after the tie was unable to maintain the stability of the foot point. Even if there is a plan to raise the long-leg tie a headband belt until it is necessary to think over what exactly will be the area. Are all the hills will be transformed into bread covered with cement? The idea of ​​disaster mitigation as a result frustrations or limitations?