I was inspired office colleagues who have problems when having to make a polygon with the coordinates of box corners / edges of each polygon that has been determined. I was attracted to the rip off such problems and in less than 5 minutes, with the help of ArcGIS, I found a simple way. The way it departs from the logic that the computer or GIS software is actually always store the coordinates of each corner polygon description. If I can find how to open the attribute that contains the coordinates of the course there is a chance I can to reshape a polygon into a new polygon in accordance with the wishes. This desire is to create a polygon with a specified limit.
I simply just making arbitrary polygon. Then I turn on its editing feature. Then select the Task: Modify Feature (1). Polygons were raised vertex / point in each corner. In other words, these polygons have been ready to accept modifications.
The second step is to activate the Sketch Properties (2). Emerged a new window that displays tabular coordinates are recorded for each point on the polygon. This tabular value that is ready to be replaced (3). The last execution by Finish Sketch. Polygons have been "pulled" into the position we want. Very practical and simple. This step generates a polygon as generated COG