Converting SHP to KML Along with her ​​with Attribute Using SHP2KML Freeware 2.0

Previous GIS This blog has posted a way to convert shp to kml orkmz with its attributes by using the Global Mapper in the form ofmini-tutorials. You can also do the same by using the freewareSHP2KML 2.0 of

SHP2KML is a free desktop application that does not requireinstallation, which is able to convert ESRI shapefile into a KML filefor display in Google Earth along with the selected creator freeware also has an online application to convert KML to SHP.

Coordinate systems are recommended for display in Google Earthis Geographic (Lat / Long) to the WGS 84 datum. HoweverSHP2KML able to transform the coordinate system. Inputs couldGeographic or UTM and small application capable of changing itsoutput datum if necessary. There are approximately 200 datum that are recognized by this freeware.

I have dabbled in SHP2KML 2.0, which in addition can displayKML files with a label contained in the shapefile attribute, you can also display the field anywhere in the shapefile attribute you want to appear in the form of pop-up balloon. So when displayed in Google Earth, so features / objects at the click of a mouse or was approached by a balloon pop up window will appear with thehighlight color that you can set yourself.

In addition, you also create a KML in three-dimensional shapes as shown in the picture at the top. The next post I will show you how todisplay the KML file in 3D using this SHP2KML 2.0.