Download Data ASTER GDEM of Global Mapper 12 One new feature of Global Mapper 12 is the ability to download data from the earth's surface elevation Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer Global Digital Elevation Model (ASTER GDEM) through the Download menu Data Online.

As can be seen if you install Global Mapper 12 as shown in the image above (highlighted in blue) that the ability to download dataGDEM ASTER is one of the many new features available onWednesday, Global Mapper 12.

As you may know through my post about ASTER GDEM before,that GDEM processed using a stereo-correlating 1.3 millionASTER scene optical image archives. Covering 83 degrees north latitude and 83 degrees south latitude, which means almost 99% of the earth's surface covered by the GDEM with 1.5 arc secondaccuracy level (~ 45 meters), beating the SRTM dataset which onlycover 80% of the Earth's surface with 3 arc second accuracy level(~ 90 meters)

Please see the comparison with SRTM resolution ASTER GDEMbelow.
Dataset SRTM