ENVI (The Environment For visualizing Images) is a revolutionary image processing system made by Research System, Inc. (RSI).ENVI is designed for the many and specific needs are regularly using remote sensing data from satellites and peawat fly. ENVI uses a Graphical User Interfaca (GUI). ENVI uses raster data formats and Ascii (text) as the header file. Rester data is stored as 'binary stream of bytes' of formats Band Sequential (BSQ), Band Interleaved by Pixel (BIP) and Band Interkeaved by Line (BIL).ENVI also supports other formats such as various types: byte, interger, long interger, floating-point, double-precision, complex and double-precesion complex. 

ENVI can be used in problem areas such as refineries in general image of the input data types are not standardized, analyzed the data show large image, and extensions to the analysis capabilities (there are plug-in function). The software images include equipment for refineries in various disciplines, and have the flexibility to allow implementation of different analysis strategies than usual. ENVI + IDL, ENVI, and IDL. ENVI is made in the language of interactive data language (IDL) programming language is quite powerful in integrating the image processing. Flexibility in using the capabilities of IDL ENVI, IDL must be there to run ENVI. ENVI has three main windows of the Main Display Window which is to display all the display images in full resolution is limited by the box on the scroll, the Scroll window is to display the entire image on the file, and the Zoom Window is to show perbesran from the main display window pda box bounded by the window. ENVI has several main menus are: File Management, Display Management, Interaktive Display Functions, Basic Tools, Classification, Transform, Filters, Spectral Tools, Map Tools, Vector Tools, Topographic Tools, Radar Tools.