Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Demo Call Disconnect the 'Innocence of Muslims'

Influential group in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood revoke his call for holding peaceful demonstrations across Egypt to protest amateur film 'Innocence of Muslims' that has been degrading Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Those states will only participate in the protests are 'symbolic'.

"Highlighting the events that occurred in the last 2 days, the Brotherhood decided to participate only in a symbolic protest in Tahrir Square, so there will be no further action destruction of property, or injured, or killed, as was the case before," said Secretary General of the Brotherhood Muslims, Mahmoud Hussein, in a statement quoted by AFP on Friday (09/14/2012).

Earlier on Thursday (13/9) local time, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood called for nationwide demonstrations to protest the film 'Innocence of Muslims'. In a statement, Mahmud Hussein called on all Muslims in Egypt to hold peaceful demonstrations on Friday (14/9) local time.

"Actions peaceful demonstration on Friday, September 14th at all major mosques in the province of Egypt to condemn insult religion and the Prophet," he said. Hussein also called on all nations to join forces in protest.

But apparently, some worry Brotherhood rally will culminate clashes and casualties. Because, today only clashes between protesters and police reportedly broke out in the office the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt. The protesters threw stones at police who then replied with teargas.

The demonstrators, mostly teens still, moving closer to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo in small groups. They even do not hesitate to throw rocks at police who tried to block them. The streets around the U.S. Embassy office is in downtown Cairo is also filled with rocks and gravel.

Film 'Innocence of Muslims' sparked some protests in the Middle East and North Africa. Offices of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iran and Tunisia was invaded by protesters even casualties. U.S. Ambassador in Libya, Christopher Stevens, diplomatic staff and their three demonstrators were killed in raids in Benghazi, Libya. While 4 protesters shot dead in Yemen police who tried to disperse the crowd.
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While in Egypt, on Thursday (13/9), reported that about 224 people were injured in clashes between demonstrators and police outside the U.S. Embassy. Of these, eight of whom still have to be hospitalized until now.