Geographic Information Systems and Remote sensing can be used to analyze the field in route determination approach in the area of ​​military operations. Approach route is one of the aspects of military tactical route information which can be crossed by military vehicles. For the purposes of air base defense, approach routes used to anticipate the direction of the entry of the enemy in carrying out the attack. The purpose of this study were 1) Assessing the accuracy of land cover interpretation of results Aster digital imagery with multispectral classification system to map the terrain obstacles variables are used as input data in determining the approach route, 2) spatial modeling approach route area of ​​military operations for the defense of the base Lanud ATS. The method used in determining the route distance and the cost approach is cost path analysis that works on raster-based data model in GIS. In this method, the route will be created automatically based on the accumulation of the smallest travel time. This means that any route is the best route formed by the point of departure for a pre-determined targets, as always traverse terrain that has the least resistance. Necessary variables in the study consisted of: 1) slope taken from RBI map 1: 25,000, 2) soil bearing capacity derived from the consistency of the soil, 3) terrain obstacles is obtained by identifying the land cover produced from digital images interpreasi daisies terselia multispectral classification system uses the maximum likelihood algorithm, and 4) technical specifications M113 APCs. The results consist of: 1) Interpretation of digital image with sitem Aster multispectral classification produced 16 land cover classes with an average accuracy rate of 91.68%, 2) spatial modeling approach route produces 6 routes that can be used as the M113 APC entry to ATS air base runway. Each route provides information of distance, travel time, and average speed depends on terrain condition dilintasinya. Shortest route is the route I within 4.28 miles and takes about 0.57 hours and an average speed of 7.49 km / h. Conditions terrain crossed by the route 1 consists of 65.65% flat slopes, and 49.12% of land cover in the form of vegetables and 100% consistency of soft soil. The longest route is Route 4 which has a route length of 7.63 km, 1.16 hours of travel time and average speed of 6.56 km / h. Traversed the terrain consists of 44.95% rute4 slope flat and hurdle crossed in the form of 47.83% such as vegetables, and 100% consistency of soft soil.