is interpreting activities, assess, identify, and recognize objects in images, selanjutya assess the significance of the object Activities to obtain data inderja of image interpretation was performed by using the tools, yaiatu stereoscope. This tool serves to display 3D images from two 2D aerial photographs were placed bertampalan. Two aerial photographs is the same but different shooting angles.
Stereoskop - Alat yang digunakan untuk melakukan kegiatan Interpretasi Citra used to conduct Image Interpretation General steps taken to acquire remote sensing data that can be utilized by a variety of fields are: 1. detection At this stage object detection activities recorded on aerial photographs and satellite images 2. identification Mengidentifikai object by its characteristic spectral, spatial and temporal. 3. introduction Object recognition is done in order to classify the object shown in the image based on specific knowledge 4. analysis The analysis aims to group objects that have the same characteristics 5. deduction An object based image processing activities contained in the image to a more specific. 6. classification Includes descriptions and restrictions (delineation) of the objects contained in the image 7. idealization Presentation of the results of image interpretation of data in the form of a ready-made maps.