Prepare North Korean Nuclear Test

Based on a recent satellite imagery of the United States (U.S.), known to North Korea (North Korea) is preparing a nuclear test site. But can not be explained when the test would take place. Earlier this month, South Korean intelligence (ROK) reported it received evidence that the neighbors were digging tunnels in Punggye-ri. The tunnel is expected to be the new location of North Korea's nuclear test. Now through satellite imagery obtained by the US-Korea Institute Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, showed several photos of the suspected would be used as a nuclear test. The analysis shows, approximately 8000 cubic yards of debris collected reactors at the site. Previous location was also briefly used as a nuclear test North Korea in 2006 and 2009. "Clearly visible from this photo, North Korea amid preparations for a nuclear test over the last few months. Unclear time of the test will take place," said Joel Wit U.S. analysis, as quoted by the Associated Press on Saturday (28/04/2012) . If true North conducted a nuclear test, of course, criticism of the world will again flowing. Previously, efforts to launch their rockets had sparked criticism from the international community. Although in the end the rocket launch ends in failure. Latest nuclear test would certainly complicate the position of North Korea itself. There is a possibility that tougher new sanctions will be applied, when the Communist state remained adamant to perform the test. Punggyr-ri is located in the northeast region of the country. Through satellite imagery found that the work at the site has been going on since March. Recent photos show the mine cart, which is believed to bring the material removed from the test site. source :