MS4W can be downloaded at In it are united application Apache Web Server, PHP, Map Server and the various libraries required to construct WebGIS system. There are two versions that can be downloaded MS4W, version 1.x and 2.x versions. But if we want to use Chameleon framework, more either select MS4W version 1.x (in use today is version 1.6) because the Chameleon not yet completely support PHP5 on version 2.x MS4W package. After you successfully download, then extract the contents into root of the hard disk partition (eg C: / or D: /), so that the entire contents of the package is located in MS4W C: / ms4w or D: / ms4w. Then execute apache-install.bat to install service Apache. If the service is already running, it will show the process httpd.exe in window Windows Task Manager. Check by opening http://localhost in your web browser. If the front page MS4W appear, then your installation successfully. Front page ms4w PHP MapScript To enable the PHP / MapScript, we have made some changes on konfiurasi php.ini located in D: \ ms4w \ Apache \ cgi-bin \ php.ini. remove character ";" On "; extension = php_mapscript_4.10.0.dll". Then restart Apache with execute apache-restart.bat. WebgGIS with MapServer - MapLab - Chameleon - PostGIS To check the installation of MapScript, create a file in the folder msinfo.php D: \ ms4w \ Apache \ htdocs which contains: "<? Php echo ms_getVersion ();?>", Then open http://localhost/msinfo.php with a web browser. If the show version of MapServer report, then MapScript has been going well. Msinfo.php MapLab and Chameleon Download the package MapLab and Chameleon to MS4W on the website Then put the contents of and to the directory http.d, apps, and apache / htdocs director ms4w you. Restart Apache, and consider whether to have seen the link url http://localhost MapLab Chameleon 2.2.1 and 2.4. If true, then the installation MapLab and Chameleon on MS4W has been successful. Maplab so flawlessly, it takes JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your computer. Link URL Chameleon, on the main page Link URL MapLab, on the main page