Transferring and Saving MapSource Data For GPS GARMIN

Map Sets, waypoints, routes, and tracks can be transferred from MapSource to a Garmin device or from a Garmin device to MapSource.
NOTE: For information on connecting your GPS or other Garmin device to your computer, refer to your unit's Owner's Manual. Always check your GPS Owner's Manual to verify which data transfer options are available.
Data can be transferred in a variety of methods, as shown in the list below:
  • To the internal memory of a Garmin GPS device, which accepts all data types: maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks. You can transfer through a Serial Port or a USB Port (if applicable).
  • To a Storage Card in a Garmin GPS Device via a serial or USB port (if applicable). The storage card accepts all data types, but only some Garmin GPS devices are capable of reading all data types.
  • To a Garmin storage card in a Garmin USB data card programmer. Some GPS devices will accept all data types, but most only accept map data.
  • To a non-Garmin storage card in a Card Reader connected to your computer. Depending on what your Garmin GPS Device supports, the available card types are Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) Cards. Only map data may be transferred.
  • To a Secure Digital (SD) Card in a Garmin iQue or to the unit’s internal memory. Only maps may be transferred from MapSource to the iQue. Maps are saved and transferred to the iQue during the next HotSync operation. iQue users may also transfer tracks from the iQue to MapSource via a HotSync operation.
  • To a Secure Digital (SD) Card or to a Garmin cf Que in a Pocket PC, or to the unit's internal memory. You can transfer maps, waypoints, and tracks; route transfer is not supported at this time.