AUTOCAD MAP A. About AutoCAD     AutoCAD is one of the images with computer-assisted design is quite sophisticated. Slowly but surely 
    experienced AutoCAD drawing automation, replacing manual functions that had been dominating the 
    work in all fields. High compatibility allows images - AutoCAD drawings can be accepted by most other
    drawing programs and can be printed using almost any printing equipment. AutoCAD has a fairly

    complete facilities to create an image - the image of two-dimensional and three dimensional.  
    Some reasons for using AutoCAD from the manual way to produce the image: • Accuracy   With this level of precision to 13 digits, AutoCAD has a level of accuracy is much more perfect and secure
  compared with manual drawing. In the pictures manually, the accuracy of the image is determined by the 
  accuracy and precision hand eye which is very possible occurrence of errors. • Practicality, Ease, and Speed  
  Drawing and editing facilities that make AutoCAD more perfectly capable of producing much faster than
  the manual way. Commands Copy, Array, Block, etc. allows us to create and edit images en masse and
  quickly. • Cleanliness and neatness
   With owned AutoCAD editing commands, allows us to revise and examine the images before it - correctly 
   printed, so that the resulting images are clean and perfect without a trace - the former editing,
  elimination and sweat or crumpled paper like that found in the image manually. • Working Space Unlimited    AutoCAD has an infinite workspace. The coordinates are the highest that can be inserted 1099. So that  
   we can create images as large and as much as anything in the same room. We can print it section by
   section or all at once with the appropriate scale. • Flexibility Scale 
   AutoCAD allows one image printed over and over - once with different scales - different without having to 
   recreate the image. That which can not be done on the image manually. By setting the proper scale when 
   printing, we can also freely choose the units used in the picture, whether mm, cm, meters, miles, inches, and
   so forth. • Documentation    With file storage system, the image will be stored permanently. We can easily and quickly duplikasinya and
    revise it later if there are design changes without having to create images from scratch again. With storage
   media floppy disk or CD we can bring - take pictures with easy and edited anywhere.

    the Desktop, a folder and taskbar on the bottom row. 2. Make a double click on the icon Shortcut Autodesk Map 5, which is in the area of your Desktop. If the
    icon is not available, click the Start button - Programs-Autodesk Map 5 - Autodesk Map 5 on the
    taskbar and wait for the process of program activation.
3. When the activation process has been completed and the menu program has loaded, AutoCAD will open
    the dialog box Autodesk Map Today that allows you to specify the type of work when opening a file.
   Today Autodesk Map dialog box (see Figure 2.1) consists of several key functions, namely the open 
   projects, create projects and symbol libraries.
Here's an explanation of each button:
1. Open Projects
    This button is used when you want to open files that have been saved. AutoCAD displays the list of files

    that exist in active directory in the list of files and Tues shows images from the selected file into the Preview
    box. Selection of files can be done by selecting on the basis of files that are often used, date, file name
    and  location. If the file you want is not listed, click Browse .... AutoCAD will open the Select File dialog
    box that contains ¬ DWG files that are in active direktofi.
2. Create Projects
This button is used when you want to open AutoCAD using the format provided. The options available are:
§ Use a Template
    This button is used to open a new file format based on another file. Another file is called template. 

    Template on the list is the file type DWT AutoCAD. Preview box right beside shows images from the
    selected template file. By default, the template file is Acad.dwt or Acadiso.dwt. Pick another file on the list
    if desired. When the file do not appear in the list, select Browse ... AutoCAD will open the Select 
   Template dialog box that lists the type DWT. Choose one of them, and then click Open.§ Start from Scratch     This button is used to select the unit of measurement in the picture. There are options available, namely
     Home and Metric. When you choose Home it is the unit of measurement used is the Feet and Inches.
     When choosing a metric, then the unit of measurement is millimeters.§ Wizard
    This button is used when you want to specify the format for the new file using the wizard. There are two 
    guides are provided, namely the Quick Setup and Advanced Setup

*) Use of Mouse Buttons

By default, if you do not swap the mouse button functions through the Control Panel window into the Left Hand (lefty), the left mouse button is used to select menu, choose the buttons and pointing at the screen point. The right mouse button functions the same as the ENTER key on the keyboard. So if in this book you dirninta press ENTER, you can melaklikannya from the keyboard or by pressing the right mouse button, except for orders Dtext.
When you use 3-button mouse, then the third button (usually in the middle) can berfungsii to activate Osnap menu. When you use the mouse 2 buttons, menus can Osnap diaktitkan by pressing Shift + right mouse button (keyboard Shift key pressed and not released, then press the right mouse button).
The commands that are accessible from this mouse button can be defined themselves. Suppose you want to make the Ctrl + right mouse button to run pefintah LINE, or Alt + tomboll right mouse button to execute the erase command, and so on, then you must define it by editing the file menu (the default is ACAD.MNU) using a text editor program such as Notepad . exe and Edit.com.

*) Alias Command
If you want to access the command from the command line, you can also type the command alias is usually shorter than the default command. The command alias is defined in ACAD.PGP files are loaded automatically when you start AutoCAD. and aims to shorten the typing of frequently used commands, such as L for LINE, CIRCLE C, A for ARC, E for erase, R to redraw and so forth. Suppose you type L at the Command prompt, then the result is the same as giving either LINE commands from the keyboard or from the menu.
List of command aliases defined in the file ACAD.PGP you can see at the end of this chapter. You can also define their own command aliases by editing the file ACAD.PGP with the editor program such as Notepad.exe and Edit.com.

B. Starting Autodesk Map 5     To start the program Autodesk Map 5 or Auto CAD Map 5, which is a version of Windows, follow the steps below: 1. Turn on the computer and wait until Windows initialization process is completed, which shows the area of