Someone made ​​a comment on the post Service Download Google Earth Image of her on behalf of the Digital Globe. Postings are not my show, but I noted the IP to the creator's comments. I want to know the location of the commentators are of the IP. To note, the blog with WordPress cms to enter any comments, the origin instead of the robot comment spammer, then the IP of the commentators will be linked from the admin email and blog owners are also contained in the page comments in admin dashboard.
To find the location of the commentators, simply copy the IP address that is linked then paste in the form contained at the following url: Press Enter or click the Submit button. These online tools will provide the coordinates of the location of the commentators in Geographic Decimal Degrees projection system. See the picture below.

Furthermore, by utilizing Google Earth, use the function add Placemark (softboard nails yellow icon) to indicate the precise location of the commentators. Confirm previous Lat / Long in Decimal Degrees Google Earth is, how to select Tools -> Options. In the 3D View tab, find the menu Show Lat / Long and then select Decimal Degrees. Click the Add Placemark icon, enter the coordinates obtained from the previous, on the form provided. Then click OK. Look at the picture.

Zoom in on the Placemark is given to know the location of the commentators. Easy is not it? You can also find out the IP sending email if you are using gmail. O yes, I mean the commentators above, Roxy Square is located in Jakarta.