I am not a Mac user, but I try melisting GIS software for the Mac. Here is the listing is:
OpenOSXGrass developed from the Open Source GRASS GIS software is very popular. All the functionality of GRASS can be done on this Mac version.
American AltaScena
AltaScena America is Mac OS X compatible topographic maps and aerial photographs that allow for downloading of data U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) from the Internet.
59-8 Interactive World Map
59-8 is interactive world map that displays all the countries in the world, big cities and small, flag, and the coordinates of the location; including charts and topographic maps.
AltaScena America
AltaScena America is a topographic map and aerial photo viewer that allows to download the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) from the Internet.
ArcExplorer is a Mac OS X compatible as a viewer for the use of GIS data and basic GIS functions. Software can be used to display, and supports a variety of standard data sources. ArcExplorer can be used stand alone or be a client of a data center server on the Internet.
Atlas of Switzerland
Atlas of Switzerland has the feature maps and high interactivity with navigation, visualization and analysis functions. On the 2D over 650 maps covering the theme of weather and climate, geology and natural resources, land, water, ice & snow, landscape, flora and fauna. There are more than 350 maps stasitistik include social, economic, and political state, and Switzerland and Europe. On the 3D panorama and block diagrams can be combined with satellite maps, lakes, forests, settlements and glaciers-glaciers. In addition, fog, gradient of slope, aspect, visibility and profile of the area can be calculated and displayed.
Azimut is a map that is created as an add-on for Nemetschek Vectorworks. Has a topography with graphics. With one-button technique. You can create a map of a landscape project for cone-shaped standard map for a view from space, and distance from any point whatsoever.
Canvas 11 with GIS
Canvas 11 with GIS by integrating technology and features found in the Canvas Professional Edition with a series of GIS capabilities and management tools. Canvas 11 with GIS offers support for many industry standards including geospatial files and forms of support GeoTIFF file.
CartoBasic is a free mapping software. With drag and drop, you select the maps and data, and the immediate display of thematic maps. CartoBasic is an adequate tool for all users who do not have a lot of time and are not an expert in mapping.
Curious World Maps
Curious World Maps offers a way to make maps and geographical animations for TV and video.
Diversidad software
Diversidad software capable of displaying biological diversity of digital photographs of the earth like a satellite image or aerial photo. Diversidad scans an image of the Earth and identify all areas with the highest diversity. Once identified, the hot spot of biodiversity can be protected and managed appropriately.
GAIA (Geographic Access Image and Analysis) can display, manipulate, and analyze satellite imagery, scanned aerial photography, aircraft and any video, PICT or TIFF images. GAIA's focused on the ability to display satellite images including SPOT and Landsat imagery. GAIA has the ability to integrate data raster / vector (from MapGraphix and Microstation).
GMT is a free software, public domain collection of 60 UNIX tools that allow users to manipulate (x, y) and (x, y, z) data sets (including filtering, trend fitting, gridding, projecting, etc.) and produce Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) ranging from simple images through the XY plot contour maps made to the illuminated surface and 3-D perspective views in black and white, and 24-bit. GMT supports 25 common map projections plus linear, log, and power scaling, and comes with support data such as beaches, rivers, and political boundaries. GMT works with Mac OS X.
Google Maps plugin
Google Maps Google Maps Plugin is a plug-in for Mac OS X.
GPSNavX is a solution for the cruise that you want to use the Mac as a tool for real-time location determination with full color graphics display. You can plug your GPS into the system Mac OS X and watch the boat moves along in real-time, plotting a track behind the boat and logging your position in the history of digital graphics. GPSNavX and does not require GPS to work with graphics.
G. Projectors
G. Create a global projection projectors, including the change of the input equirectangular map images (GIF, PNG). More than 80 map projections included in the package.