ip address mapping utility

If you read and practice the previous post about how to find the location of IP addresses using Google Earth, you should be critical, that the location of IP addresses at the point is not accurate. Have your own practice, you will surely find inaccuracies I mean.
The way I show it too, must go through two stages of steps that must be passed. Actually, two utility available on the web to show the location of an IP Address. IP Locator is the first and the second is the IP Mapper. For accuracy?
IP Locator is able to plot the location of IP addresses based on the input on the form provided. Plot the location indicated in the map-based Google Maps. You can export to KML if needed.

IP Mapper has its advantages, namely input multiple IP addresses. Another plus is the data export facilities, in addition to KML, also can be exported to CSV format, DXF, shapefile, or Tab-delimited plain text.

For the record, the IP address in the designated location is the "approximate coordinates" so its accuracy is also not exactly true. And again, the IP addresses in the input, may be the IP of the website hosting place is located, or the IP of the internet provider.