SURVEY, terrestrial, and DIGITAL MAPPING

along with the activities of planning, studies, analyzes, and other needs. So that the required availability and presentation of map data in a timely, precise and accurate.

For these experiences to anticipate, supported by the development of computer technology, PT. ENVICON develop digital mapping services, ranging from analog data input (digitizing), updating the data until its presentation in the form of printed maps and geographic information system application program. Used mapping software tailored to the needs of service users in general, the software ARC / Info, ArcView, AutoCAD Map and MapInfo.

In addition to digital mapping, PT. ENVICON terrestrial mapping services also cater to the region boundary, field surveys, installation of a reference point and other field activities.

The field of Remote Sensing (Remote Sensing) and the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is one of the specialties of PT. ENVICON. This field is used on some applications supporting programs such as ARC / Info, ArcView, MapInfo and ER Mapper. In addition to the completeness of the technical infrastructure, supported by multi-disciplinary staff of expert knowledge and specialized to allow PT. ENVICON to carry out the work of GIS applications in forestry, agriculture, plantations, transmigration and regional planning, and public works.

Analog and Digital Data

Especially for the activities of acquisition and processing of remote sensing data, PT. ENVICON currently partnering with several other companies as a distributor of digital data in Indonesia to serve any need for digital data such as Landsat Landsat, IKONOS, SPOT, RADARSAT and Small Format Aerial Photographs. In addition to image data, PT. ENVICON also has a collection of digital data and topographical maps artists thematic maps, such as the following.

1:250.000 scale topographic maps for all of Indonesia, in the form of spatial data and attributes to the village level, including contour data.
RBI 1:50,000 scale maps for some parts of Indonesia.
Area Map HPH / HTI 1:50,000 Scale Sumaerta island, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.
Mix and match the map scale of 1:50,000 for some parts of Indonesia.
Contour maps in digital form some provinces, the scale of 1:25.000 - 1:50.000.
Digital Data Landsat TM 7-spot in some areas of the island of Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Sumatra.
1:5,000 scale data Jakarta.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Indonesia.
GIS Software

(Operational Support and Training)
ESRI and MapInfo products are very popular in Indonesia. In addition to (possibly) because it is easy in operation, menus, and utilities are available, both products also have advantages in the conversion to other common GIS format. Both software can be used to display the data, enter data and produce print and digital data. All spatial data and tabular data can be processed by both the data record is already in the form of digital data. To the needs of GIS analysis, such as overlapping stacking map and its attributes, commonly used software is ARC Info. In addition to experts who have been familiar with the ARC info, also caused by this software has a more complex analysis capabilities compared with other GIS Software.

Program Application & Information Systems

In the era of globalization, information systems have an important role in the competition which requires the exchange of data quickly, accurately, and accurate. PT. ENVICON always follow the development of information systems through journals, newsletters, and internet networks.
With the support of professionals in the field of information systems and development, PT. ENVICON provide services in various fields of information systems, including the study and implementation planning, studies and training applications, the design of a system, as well as provide support for software or hardware needed.

One form of the development of this field is based on application programming and database information system geographic information system (GIS), and even merge the two systems in a GIS-based information system database. Information system applications that are developed must meet specific requirements for the planning, supervision, management, management, and evaluation of implemented activities. Programmers, systems analysts, database experts, supported by a reliable computer service and experienced, is one of the advantages of PT. ENVICON information systems within the scope of work.