Benefits S I G

The advantages of GIS:

Very efficient for a good map layers.
Quick to check and update.
Attribute data and maps easily manipulated by the sig.
Between the interactive map and the computer is in sig
does not require space to store the data it is most efficient for your time and place.
It easier to display the data kereana not have such a pile tympakan menncari eefisien map.
Capable of processing multiple data quickly and precisely with excellent quality as well.

Examples of the use of GIS:
Various symptoms in the present dpat geosphere quickly and accurately presented and bnyak manifold that can provide benefits for life. Therefore, information systems geogarafi dpat utilized in various fields:
Natural resources, including inventory, management of natural resources, kesesuan land for agriculture, plantations, Forestry, land use pernecaan tat, analaisis potential risk areas and the sea.
Areas of planning, including regional planning, settlement planning and site planning industry transmigrants
Arranging the data fields include the principal residence, penuediaan ifnormasi Sensu socioeconomic, election information systems and other
The military fields, including the provision of spatial data for the analysis of routes, logostik, war equipment and the tools to the needs of war and other games.
Education, including determining the location of education, information systems education / academic and other
GIS easily produce thematic maps
GIS can be split between the presentation and database
SIG has the ability to describe the elements that exist on the surface of the earth into a spatial data layer or coverage
GIS is very helpful work closely with the field of spatial and kaitanya geoinformatika.

Benefits of GIS:
Sig can provide geographical information completely and accurately.
Can make a decision on the issue of development.
Supporting the development plan ..
Monitoring of coast and sea.
Information potential of the village.
emantauan land use.
Transportation Sector: This function is used for large and medium-scale maps and spatial analysis, especially for transit route planning management, pengirimsn technicians, service analysis, marketing management and so on.
Mapping of natural resources