Political geography

Political geography
Political geography is the study of the relation between life and political activity with the natural conditions of a State. Aspects contained in the Political Geography and Geography itself is such a wide geographical elements, the shape of the region, climate, resources and population.

a. According to Taylor 2000:783
Political Geography (political geography) who stressed that territorial interpreted as a fundamental relationship between the sovereignty of the country with a national homeland is located in the heart of the legitimacy and practice of modern nations. Where the results are analyzes of the region, with a space power focused on the state-centered

b. According to Friedrich Ratzel
Political geography emphasizes the connection between geographic physical factors with race - race at each - each country and its form of government ditentkan by nature. Understand the physical determinist.
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c. According to Otto Maul
Political geography is the doctrine of the landscape as a space of political life where the life of the country took place.
Hermawan, Iwan. , 2009. Geography An Introduction. New Delhi: Private Publishing

d. According to Richard Hennig
Geopolitics is a doctrine of power - political power in relation to the earth and its application in the future relation of the results obtained from studies conducted by the Political Geography.
Hermawan, Iwan. , 2009. Geography An Introduction. New Delhi: Private Publishing

e. According Hashofer
Administrative sciences in collaboration with territorial geography by taking into account the data to examine the formation of the country and its contents by the existing political power struggle. Geopolitics also pay attention to symptoms - symptoms of space activities in the political struggles within and in the arrangement.