Greening Planning Using IKONOS Satellite Imagery (Case Studies Wek Village II, North

Padangsidempuan District, City Padangsidempuan)
Urban area known as the hot atmosphere, because the city does not follow the layout rules and regulations for the planting of vegetation around settlements. Greening the city is the best alternative in creating an atmosphere of urban forest region, where in order to achieve its objectives and targets will require a focused and integrated plan that is by using Geographic Information System (GIS)-based computer by using IKONOS satellite imagery. IKONOS imagery Wek Village II, North Padangsidempuan District, City Padangsidempuan, dioverlay with digital maps

Padangsidempuan city administration and interpreted visually for objects and their coordinates are been verified through field checks (ground check). Based on the criteria - the criteria being used as a place worthy of greenery, there are 15 locations in the village of WEH II, North Padangsidempuan District, City of Padangsidempuan which can be used as the location of green that consists of major and minor roads, which form penghijauannya is the green line. IKONOS satellite imagery excess is located at a high spatial resolution (1x1 m), while its weakness lies in its economic value is quite expensive, so it can only be used by parties who have high purchasing value.