Why Can the Earth spinning / rotating

When we pushed the door, all the doors, both edges of the door and the door which is near the hinge, turning to take the same corner, during the same time interval. Examples of thrust angle for example, if we push the door, the edge of the door is moving faster (large v), while the doors are near the hinge, moving more slowly (small v). Well, every molecule in the cloud has its own power movement, every molecule in the cloud impulse itself, and when they come together, the greater the momentum. If the door stops spinning, all the doors were ikut2an stop rotating (angular velocity = 0). Although the linear velocity of each body part is different, the angular velocity of all the objects were always the same. The greater the mass of an object, the object is also the impetus large, which causes the solar nebula was rotating.

Energy defined angle L = m * w * r2 where m is the mass, w is the angular velocity in radians per second, and r is the radius of circular motion. Kemduain material solidifies and because it is attracted to the core rotation (inward) centers which then leads to the accumulation of a spherical planet. Solar nebula collapsed because of a supernova explosion which gave power terhantar shock through the cloud of cold molecular hydrogen. Of information is then due to the gravitational force then there is an accumulation (addition) are then united into physical planet. At the same planet, rotates as a result of panambahan material into one, as does the solar nebula.