Product Image Alos Palsar

ALOS satellite has been launched by the Japanese Space Agency in January 2006 and has managed to record the information surface of the earth. ALOS satellite carries three types of sensors, ie PALSAR, AVNIR-2, and Prism. Phased Array particular sensor type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR) have the privilege can penetrate clouds, so the earth's surface information can be obtained at any time, both night and day. To high resolution mode and ScanSAR resolusion 10

meters and 100 meters. Detailed information on PALSAR sensor can be read like the table below. PALSAR data can be used for the manufacture of DEM, Interferometry for ground shift information, the content of biomass, monitoring of forestry, agriculture, oil spills (oil spill), soil moisture, mineral, search planes and ships are missing dll.

PALSAR is an active microwave sensor that works on the L band frequencies, where the sensor is an improved performance from the previous sensor, the JERS-1 SAR.

Hot Mud Volcano Sidoarjo Subsidence

The picture above is the result of ALOS PALSAR interferometry using high resolution image of the Lapindo mud volcano, Sidoarjo.