WebGIS is Simpotenda Information Systems GIS-based Regional Potential *
(Geographic Information System) which is presented to support the implementation of e-Government. WebGIS Simpotenda present data seed potential areas as:
- Education
- Health
- Tourism
- Forestry
- Industry
- Economy & Trade
- Transportation & Transport
- Environment

Is also shown in Simpotenda administrative boundary maps, topographic maps and data on population.

WebGIS Simpotenda is part of the official website of the local government made ​​based GIS (map) so as to be easily accessible to the public and potential visitors / investors through the internet.

The advantages of this application are:
A. Data and geographic location of the associated potential for interactive
2. Spatial data (maps) are stored in the DBMS, so it can be added and modified online
3. Based on free software and open source, so the relatively low development costs

In the presentation of this application is supported by data, maps, work systems and the visual presentation system that is unique that distinguishes it from other applications.