Converting Lat / Long to UTM in MapSource I want to show you simple tips on how to convert the coordinate system be the default in MapSource ie Lat / Long to UTM. I am posting these tips to answer an Engineer in the office who want to make a report the location of waypoints that he has a plot in the field using the UTM projection system.

The following conversion stage projection system in MapSource:

Open the GPS data file or download from the GPS device usingMapSource
From the Edit menu -> select 

  1. From the window that opens, select the Position tab, change theselection of a UTM Grid and Datum to WGS 84. Click Apply and OK
  2. Now the UTM projection system with WGS 84 datum, projection systems into default in MapSource you every time you open it. Ifthere is a lot of waypoints with a wide zone, in MapSource will look like the picture below.
To display in a report in tabular format (Excel), Save As the fileformat TXT (Tab delimited). Then drag the txt file into the blankworkbook in Excel. The result looks Position column with UTMprojection system. You can separate the Position column into threedifferent columns (eg, Zone, Easting, Northing) using Text toColumns facility contained in Excel.
The result looks like the image below