Google Maps 5.7 for Android Provides Features Download Area Map

Google Maps 5.7 for Android was released yesterday with a new feature "Download Area Map" which serves to download the maps Google Maps to be used offline. This feature can be activated via the Labs page.

Features "Download Map Area" to Obtain a map of Google Maps Will download the area with a radius of 10 miles from the location of the user chose. Users can still download it again the other locations That overlap with the previous map.

The process of downloading the Google Maps map may take Several minutes. Just save the downloaded maps "landmarks" alone, not including satellite images and 3D building.

You can see a demo video "how to download Google Maps data for offline use" on

Download Area Features Map is useful for the traveler Pls They want to visit other areas, but worried about the quality of internet connections in the area. By first downloading the folder to be opened offline, at least That worry can be eliminated. Read also features a "Transit Navigation" on Google Maps 5.7 for Android here.

To you the traveler the WHO does not have a phone or a tablet with the Android operating system, but want to download maps from Google Maps to destinations of your visit,