Creating a Watershed in Global Mapper 12

One new feature in Global Mapper 12 in addition to the feature to download data ASTER GDEM is a Generate Watershed or create a watershed (catchment). This new feature can be found via the menu File -> Generate Watershed.

Data needed to make a watershed in Global Mapper 12 is a raster data grid. You can download the SRTM data or GDEM ASTER data directly from Global Mapper 12 is to exercise. Examples of the above picture using LIDAR data.

Here below are the settings Watershed Generation Options window.

If necessary, you can change the value of the X-axis and Y-axis on the resolution settings. The greater the fill value, the smaller the resolution obtained, the consequence is the process generates a faster flow of the river, but the results obtained was not optimal (often the result is not as expected, for example of the visualization of raster data streams are clearly visible, but the flow is not in generate / not created for the flow)

In the process of making watershed in ArcGIS, we know the process of filling sinks, nah Depression Fill Depth is the same as the process of filling the sinks, where the Global Mapper will control how deep of a basin for "patched" before the basin is considered as a part of the watershed. If you do not want this process, fill with value 0, it will speed up data processing.

If you just want to get the flow of the river course, un-check the Create Watershed Areas Showing Drainage to Streams. If you check the option, in addition to the flow of the river, you'll also get a watershed in the form of polygons. Every time I tried to make the river flow following the watershed of his, I always cancel it, because it takes a very long time. I recently tried to stage produce a flow of the river course. The result as shown in the picture at the top. Maybe you want to try it? I recommend using the data with a minimum area, so that the process is faster.