Showing Results Thumb Picture Geotagging in ArcMap I try to make special tips on how to view picture thumb ArcMap fromthe geotagged photo using free geotagging software GPicSync.About GPicSync I've ever posted here before, namely applicationsthat function automatically inserts location information to the photometadata (geotagging) so the photo can be displayed in Google Earth (KML format) using the reference GPS track timeline.

GPicSync each photo for the geotagging process always generateKML files that can be opened in Google Earth or ArcGIS ExplorerDesktop. In addition, also automatically generate a folder with the name Thumbs containing the photo but with small dimensions(resize the result) that is 160x120 pixels. By utilizing the KML file(usually has a name doc.kml) and the Thumbs folder you cancreate picture thumb in ArcMap using the Add-in toolbox ConvertGPSFile to SHP through sub-tools KML to SHP. About Add-intoolbox Convert GPSFile to SHP I've ever posted here.

The following stages in the ArcMap display picture thumb of photogeotagging using GPicSync results. This stage also does not include how to display the Add-in Convert GPSFile to SHP toArcToolbox, you can read through previous posts here. This stagealso does not include how to process the photo in GPicSync to geta KML file, I assume you already understand it. If not, please see the section Getting Started with GPicSync.

Perform conversion of KML to SHP using the Add-in ConvertGPSFile to SHP
  1. Make sure the Feature Type is selected POINT.
    Show shapefile as a layer in the TOC, and open its attribute.Column Name is the name of the file photo, while column descr is the html script to display the photo. We do not need content from thedescr column, we'll change the photo file name contained in theThumbs folder GPicSync outcome of the process. I click theright-descr column, select Field Calculator. Fill the form with:"thumb_" & [NAME] and then click OK
  2. The results of the above process as shown in the picture below.
  3. To make the picture thumb in ArcMap, we will take advantage ofHTML features Popup. Previously you had to do the settings of the Layer Properties. The trick, right-click the layer (shp conversion results from kml), select Properties. Move to HTML Popup tab, thenselect As a URL prefix * with replacing his suit with the Thumbsfolder location, and determining its field with descr according to thecolumn name that has been done on three previous stages. 
  4. At this stage has been completed, click the Point to display it usingHTML Popup icon located on the Tools toolbar to generate the display as shown at the top.
    If you ask, how to display the original photo (not the result ofresizing)? It's easy, you can use the Hyperlink feature (the icon withthe lightning symbol on the icon HTML Popup) by first doing the settings of the Layer Properties. The trick, right-click the layer (shpconversion results from kml), select Properties. Move to the Displaytab, then select Support Hyperlinks using field. Select the DocumentName column (see picture below), and then click OK.
By using the Hyperlink icon click on the Point, then the photo willappear using the default application for opening image files on your computer. I recommend the default application you use Picasa(free) from Google.