Web GIS: Principles and Applications, New Book of ESRIPress ESRI Press released a new book Web GIS: Principles and Applications. This book presents a comprehensive picture of the origins and development of Web GIS platform. The technologies discussed include ArcGIS ® Server, REST services, JavaScript API / Flex API, and ArcGIS ® Mobile. This book offers a balance between the principles, concepts, and techniques to provide an understanding of how the Web GIS can revolutionize the way you use GIS functions.

Web GIS: Principles and Applications from ESRI Press

This book is written by Fu Pinde a senior GIS applicationsdeveloper and project lead at Sun Jiulin ESRI and by an academician of China Engineering who has written four other booksGIS. Thick 312 page book sells for $ 55.95 at ESRI Press, but youcan get it for $ 35.25 at Amazon.com. Unlike electronic productssuch as GPS that can not be shipping to Indonesia, for a new bookon Amazon, can always shipping to Indonesia with some shippingcost options.