Edit & Convert KML Using GDB to RouteConverter

GDB conversion to KML can be easily done on Google Earth, but I often receive GPS data tracking the results of engineers in the office who need a lot of editing because of several reasons. In Google Earth it is difficult to do the editing track or route. By using the free application without installation called RouteConverter this, the editing process route, track and waypoint becomes easier.RouteConverter is also a cross-platform applications that can do the conversion to various types of file formats. There are about 70 types of file formats supported by Java-based application that can be used on Linux, Windows and Mac this.

You can display the route, track or waypoint using the background maps from Google Maps on this RouteConverter applications. You also can change the display background maps from OpenStreetMap. It is also possible to complete the elevation data on the track, route and waypoint from SRTM data. You need an internet connection to be able to utilize all of these features.