New and Improved Features in ArcGIS 10.1

ArcGIS 10.1 scheduled to be released early in 2012, while the Beta 1 version will be released this July. ESRI ArcGIS will use Beta Community to introduce ArcGIS 10.1 beta is. For users of the U.S. can register on the site, while users from other countries must be nominated by the country concerned ESRI distributor. What are the new and improved features in ArcGIS Desktop 1.10?

Here are the Top 10 Improvement in 10.1 For ArcGIS Desktop:

10. The increase in the search menu / Searching, searching with ease transform and determination of the proper projection systems, spatial filtering to search in the map being displayed and to support spatial search for a specific keyword.

9. Update your information in the menu editor tracking Editor

8. Geotag photos auto generate feature points of the folder containing the photos that have been geotagged.

7. GPX to features tool features are now available by default to display GPS data waypoints, tracks and routes. In ArcGIS 10 I use this add-in toolbox Convert GPSFile to SHP

6. KML to Layers feature supports the use of pop-ups import simboldan

5. Two new features in Cartography generalization tools to make the area a way to ease simplification scale changes that were previously only dilakuakan manually.

4. The new interface for administration geodatabase that the user can perform view and locking arrangements geodatabase.

3. Improvements to Labeling feature with automatic placement deksripstif text on the map.

2. Legend dynamic that could change with the change of map scale.

1. Share As new features for ease of sharing spatial data and map-making package (package map).

ESRI has also announced changes in ArcGIS 10.1 naming because the fact is, however ArcGIS is used, basically using the same system.