Layout Conversion ArcMap (MXD) to CAD (DXF / DWG) By default, ArcGIS does not have the ability to convert ArcMap layout to the CAD format (DXF / DWG). But there are some software / ArcGIS extension that can be utilized to perform the conversion.

From the list of software / ArcGIS extension for ArcMap layoutconversion to CAD format (DXF / DWG), I just triedSmartExporter.DXF and ArcMap to Adobe Illustrator (AI) to CAD.Of the two, SmartExporter.DXF produce the best conversion, butstill required some minimal editing it, though I only tried the trial version only. While the conversion of ArcMap to Adobe Illustrator(AI) to CAD can be spelled out very "messy", and the result takes a lot of editing in CAD.
You've tried the software / ArcGIS extension for ArcMap layoutconversion to CAD format (DXF / DWG) contained in the list? Or you have experience using other tools than those contained in the list?