Clipping rasters ArcMap IN USING A GRAPHIC

Clipping Raster in ArcMap can be done simply by using a graphic without the required layer shapefile. To perform clipping raster in ArcMap using a graphic, create a graphic shape as you see fit, or tailored to the needs of your work. The results will clip the raster can be BMP, GIF, GRID, IMAGINE, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, or TIFF files.

After making a graphic as a clip area by using the tools in ArcMap Drawing toolbar, make sure the graphic is on the conditions selected.
To perform a clip and export raster dataset using the graphic, right-click the raster layer in the table of contents. Select Data> Export Data from the context menu.
In the Export Raster Data dialog box, click the radio button "Selected Graphics (Clipping)". Make sure you make settings that correspond to Spatial Reference Data Frameatau with raster datasets.
Browse the location where the storage of export its raster dataset, an appropriate name, save it as a raster format. If you want the output is empty geodatabase behind the file name extension.
Good luck