Quick Response Code, or commonly abbreviated with a QR Code is a matrix code type capable of storing more information than the Bar Code. QR code acts as though the physical hyperlinks that can save the web address (URL), phone numbers, text, and SMS. Now you can save a Google Maps URL as a QR Code image for the print and on the share to friends or colleagues.

Here are the stages of google maps convert the URL into a QR Code image:
Go to Google Maps, navigate to your desired location.
From the menu links (upper right), copy the link provided on the form above. Form below to attach the map in your blog or website.
Open a new tab in your browser, type the URL bypass bypass service from Google that is Paste the link from Google Maps on the form provided.

Click on Shorten. The results of the shortened URL is available on the right button shorten it.
Copy the shortened URL, then paste it in a new tab to add. Qr behind the shortened URL. For example a short URL generated result is then added Qr be and paste the URL address in the browser. QR Code image for a link from Google Maps will be available to you.

Google Chrome Browser provides QR Maps extension that will automatically provide the "Code" right next to the menu "Links" on Google Maps to convert into a QR Code image (see picture at top). If you're using Google Chrome, please download and install QR Maps extension. Then specify the location that you want to convert into a QR Code. Then click the Code button, then the QR Code image will be available the same page. Print the image for the share.
To be able to take advantage of QR code technology in the phone, the phone must have internet access. With the help of ID (number of digits), QR code can not only be read by camera phones, but also with a cell phone without a camera.
In camera phones, QR code can be read through the application of QR code reader type. Special output Nokia N series phones & E, the reader application is already available (pre-installed) and can be used.
For other phones, the application shall be installed reader. On the internet available various reader applications that can be downloaded free of charge, one of which is the services available at the address Type your phone will be detected automatically and then the system will give the option some reader application. Download and install an application on your phone.