I've split the index previous geological maps that you can see at this link. There I showed throughout Indonesia geological map indexes contained in the site I paste into the Google Earth Image Overlay Tool using the facility. There I mentioned that I will make the interactive version, where the user simply by clicking on the index in question and then an image will appear showing the geological map display according to the index. Interactive version of the index geological maps with the image gallery, is now available for download. The picture is as shown on the display above.

You can free download KMZ file that I made it through the download link at the end of this post. Double click to open the KMZ file in Google Earth. You will find an index display of geology maps with red lines and yellow colors. The yellow line shows the image area available geological maps, sedangan red line means not available.
If the geological maps are available so an image will appear once you click on the yellow line area, just like the view above. You can also download the image through my Picasaweb account the public gallery by clicking on the text contained in Geology from the bottom right of the image that appears. Images that are available for download are, available with low resolution. If you want to get a high resolution (of course with a high file size too) please contact me via email.