Open Source GIS gvSIG 1:11 newest version is now available in a portable

Open Source GIS gvSIG 1:11 newest version is now available in a portable format for on the run directly from USB Flash Disk, or you can also copy to a computer to be operated without the need to install at all. 1:11 gvSIG portable is available for Windows and Linux.

Previously I've posted about several open source GIS software portable and portable GPS in GIS this blog, including QuickGrid Portable, Portable OziExplorer, MapSource Portable, Portable Floppy GIS, as well as the most comprehensive is a portable GIS Archaeogeek V2 of the package is included in QGIS (with GRASS plugin), uDIG, desktops, and gvSIG for GIS Mapserver, OpenLayers, Tilecache, Featureserver, and GeoServer for web applications.
Open Source GIS gvSIG contained in V2 Portable GIS is the old version, the latest is gvSIG version 1.11. Total size after the unzip approximately 285 MB. This portable format not only contains the program file to run gvSIG, but also the Java Runtime Engine, so if the computer you use to run gvSIG portable Java is not installed, this software can still use. gvSIG is made based on Java.
If you run this portable gvSIG for the first time, the default language used is Spanish, because it is open source software is made in Spain. To change the language to Bahasa follow the following steps (see figure below):

Run the program portable gvSIG
From the menu "Ventana" select "Preferencias".
From the window that opens click the + on the "General", then select "Idioma".
Choose the language diingkinkan (Bahasa), click "Aceptar", run the program again gvSIG portable