Jennifer Carrell from the Illinois State Geological Survey has created a tool to create a geological cross section in ArcMap 9.3. The program is named Create an exacto geologic Cross-Sections Section v. 2.0. You can download a free tool that has been accompanied by a quick start tutorial and sample data files included with MXD (ArcMap Project File) therein.

This tool will automatically draw the appropriate geological cross section is:
surface profile (by using the DEM data),
geological units
well or borehole locations (if any), and
geological materials found on site well.
The advantages of this tool geologic cross section is in addition to the combination of data output polyline and point shapefiles also has a spatial reference, so that every measurement on output is always right.
Geological cross section tool in ArcMap was created using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code which is stored in the ArcMap project file (. MXD) are included. Users simply make the input data as follows:
line cross section,
elevation data in raster format (DEM)
geological data in polygon format
well points and a table of data sub-surface
Users define their own height interval and eksagerasi. This tool will do the conversion feet or meters depending on the unit system used. The latest version of this tool only requires ArcView License, but still require a 3D Analyst extension.