Trying to Make geotagging photos of surveys I have ever visited how to add coordinates into the photo Such metadata information. You can easily memanfaarkan free Picasa software from Google for the geotagging process. But this time I wanted to show free software from Microsoft That can be used to geotag photos with or without GPS data, namely the Pro Photo Tools v.2.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is very easy to use for photo editing, including adding information metada coordinates (latitude / longitude) location information and city / state or commonly Referred to as the process of geotagging. Geo-location information Will be stored in the photo metadata. You can do geotagging photos by drag & drop pictures into a form That is available, then determine the location of the photo by dragging photos into a map of Bing Maps available software. Save the photo, then the coordinate information already contained in the photo metadata.

If you have a GPS track, the following steps to add coordinate information to the photo metadata using Microsoft Pro Photo Tools:
Drag the photo to the viewer Pro Photo Tools.
Call the GPS data from Track Route section, click on the Load from File.
Select all the pictures by pressing Ctrl + A
Click on the button under Track Route Place Images. The entire photo Will be placed on the map Bing Maps.
If the pictures are in accordance with the GPS track, from the menu File -> Save All Images with New Data, then the coordinate information Will be added to the photo metadata. Synchronization Between the GPS track and photos based on the photo capture time and time on the GPS track. For that, before taking a photo, make sure the camera time (hours / minutes / seconds) has the corresponding GPS time (hours / minutes / seconds). If Necessary, the GPS Pls take pictures with the camera to be used as a reference (as shown in image above)