Google has just released a new tool that can help developers to learn and test code for Google Javascript API. Microsoft also has the same tools that the VE Interactive SDK. Interactive AJAX APIs Playgound has an interface that allows users to codingnya very easy and just click Run to see the results.
Hopefully this tool provides more inspiration for the developers and people who are interested to make their own maps based on Google Maps. This interactive tool is very easy to use and can be used as an effective learning tool. But if you're interested in learning the Google Maps API coding through an ebook can download the Google Maps API Tutorial at Digital Geography blog.

Google Maps API documentation can be found on the following page Sample Code Code Playground - New!
Google Interactive Playground is now available also for:
Visualization API (includes Chart API)
Search API
Language API (Translate)
Blogger Data API
Libraries API
Earth API
Feeds API
Calendar Data API