Google released the latest product from Google Labs called Google Earth Engine in conjunction with the International Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico. Google Earth Engine is the latest technology from Google that provides data and satellite imagery that has not been published previously for research purposes.

Forest cover loss in the Congo for the past 10 years
With Google Earth Engine, researchers and scientist can use it for the analysis of monitoring and measuring changes in Earth's environment on a global scale. These data include Landsat satellite imagery last 25 years and MODIS satellite imagery as well. Platform technologies used utilizing the Google Cloud infrastructure. Google provides a free analysis tool for the scientist and developing countries to use it.
Google is releasing Google Earth Engine platform at the International Climate Change Conference to demonstrate that these tools allow scientists to monitor forests from their computer in seconds. Forest picture shown was taken via satellite service owned by the United States and France and then inserted into the data center using cloud computing technology. Pictured above is an example of data "Forest Cover Loss" in the African Congo for 10 years (2000-2010) using Landsat ETM + data.
Over the next two years, Google through filantropinya unit, will provide 10-hour service to developing countries to be able to access data from Google Earth Engine.